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Privacy Policy

At NDI Gallery Limited, we value your right to privacy. This Privacy Policy deals with personally identifiable information (referred to as "Data" below) that may be collected by us on our website ndigallery.com. Please read this policy carefully before providing us with any personal information. By using and registering your details on this Site, you agree to our use of your personal information and cookies in accordance with this policy.

1. Collection of Data.

We only hold the data necessary to offer services provided on our website namely to allow users of our services to buy, sell and also interact/communicate with one another through our community and messaging systems. We also keep user data to allow us to contact you in the advent of account withdrawal or new passwords being provided

When you register at ndigallery.com, we ask for information such as your name, e-mail address, postal address/location, and contact details. We also give you the opportunity in your profile of providing personal information about yourself and your views to enhance your interactions with our website users. You will also be able to add an avatar to your profile, which can be a picture of yourself or anything else that meets with our terms and conditions. In some cases we may ask for additional information for security reasons or to provide specific services to you.

If you log in through the Facebook Connect option, then Facebook's terms and conditions, guidelines and privacy policies will also apply to your use of ndigallery.com. Specifically, we only collect information about you as permitted by the Facebook Connect terms, which may include your first and last names, email address, profile picture, Facebook ID and interests.

We keep track of certain actions you take on ndigallery.com, such as adding connections (including joining a group or adding friends), creating a photo or video album, creating or attending an event, or connecting with an application. In some cases, you are also taking an action when you provide information or content to us (e.g., if you share a photo or video, in addition to storing the actual content you uploaded, we might log the fact that you shared it).

Some information you provide is set by default to public in your profile, e.g., your name, profile picture, location and connections.  Such information maybe accessed by everyone on the Internet (including people not logged into ndigallery.com), be indexed by third party search engines, and be imported, exported, distributed, and redistributed by us and others without privacy limitations. Such information may also be associated with you, including your name and profile picture, even outside our website, such as on public search engines and when you visit other sites on the internet. You can easily review and change the default privacy settings from public to private for most of your information in your online account/profile area. If you wish to delete public content that you posted on ndigallery.com, we will remove it from your profile but have no control over its use beyond our website.

We do not store any personal credit/debit card details on our website. All credit card payments and details are handled by the secure processing services of Paypal UK.

Like many web sites, we may also automatically receive general information that is contained in our server log files such as your IP address and cookie information. We cannot identify any individual from this traffic data or site statistics. Our secure site also benefits from a "green bar" extended validation SSL certificate like you'll find with most large corporations and financial institution websites. When you see our green bar or authenticated site seal, you know you're dealing with a website and company that has been extensively vetted by the certification authority to the strictest industy standards. We understand how sensitive personal information is and have thus made it an absolute priority to provide our customers with a highly secure, fully authenticated and trustworthy website.

2. Use of Data.

We may use Data or cookies to customize and improve your user experience on this site. For example, we use them to store your login ID (but never your password) and make it easier for you to login whenever you come back to the site. Please note that these cookies do not contain or pass any personal, confidential or financial information or any other information that could be used to identify individual visitors or customers purchasing from our website. Please note that you are free to refuse cookies. However, for purely technical reasons this may prevent you from using our website and especially the marketplace. This is because anonymous cookies are commonly used to keep track of the contents of customers’ shopping baskets during the checkout process and ensure that the items added to (or removed from) your basket are accurately stated when you go to pay.

We will not transfer, disclose, sell, distribute or lease any of your personal information to third parties unless we have your express permission or are required by law. We may however share commercial and technical data with our partners where a customer has accessed and used our website. This data would not be personally identifiable data but would be anonymised e.g., type of data you see in “Google Analytics”.

In the unlikely event we plan to merge with or be acquired by another business entity, we will require that the new combined entity follow this Privacy Policy with respect to your personal information. If your personal information will be used contrary to this policy, you will receive prior notice.

We are registered as a data controller in accordance with United Kingdom Data Protection Act 1998 (registration number - ZA017530). We will process any personal information we collect about you in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

3. Editing or Deleting Your User/Account Information.

We provide you with the ability to edit the information in your account at any time by logging into your account and updating your Profile. When you register with us, you are automatically subscribed to our newsletter which often contains special promotional offers or news of our services for our existing customers. You may unsubscribe at any time by selecting the unsubscribe option on the newsletter or sending us an email if you prefer.

We only hold personal data for as long as necessary. Once data is no longer needed, it is deleted from our systems. If you ask us to delete your account then all your personal data will be deleted too. Please note however that even after you remove information from your profile or delete your account, copies of that information may remain viewable elsewhere to the extent it has been shared with others, it was otherwise distributed pursuant to your privacy settings, or it was copied or stored by other users.

4. Changes to this Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to make changes to this Policy from time to time by updating this page. You are responsible for checking this page to ensure you are happy with any changes.

5. No guarantees.

While this Privacy Policy states our standards for Data collection and we will make efforts to meet them, we are not in a position to guarantee these standards. There may be factors beyond our control that may result in disclosure of data. As a consequence, we disclaim any warranties or representations relating to maintenance or nondisclosure of Data. We do however follow reasonable technical and management practices to help protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of data stored on our systems. Our secure servers are based in Bournemouth, United Kingdom and are backed up regularly. While no computer system is completely secure, we believe the measures implemented by our site reduce the likelihood of security problems to a level appropriate to the type of data involved.

6. Privacy and our Sellers

Our artists and community members are bound by the same legislation as us. If they gather or keep your information, they must give you all relevant information about their respective privacy policies, as well as giving you the opportunity to opt in or out of certain ways in which they might use that information.
However, we are not responsible and cannot warrant or guarantee that the privacy policies of any other individual or business that your personal information is passed to in accordance with this Privacy Policy, comply with data protection legislation. We are not responsible for any damages which you or others may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of such information. When you place an order with any seller on ndigallery.com, some personal details that you submit at registration must by necessity be forwarded along with the order, so you will need to verify their privacy policy directly with them if you wish.

7. Contact Information.

If you have any questions about this Policy or our web site, please feel free to contact us by email.

- revised 23/02/2014