Our story

Junk 1NDI Gallery is a non profit venture created to showcase the finest examples of upcycled or recycled art from around the world. This specific art form is mainly about transforming discarded or otherwise useless everyday objects into impactful artworks of value.

It originated in the early Twentieth-Century under the influence of artists like Marcel Duchamp, Robery Rauschenberg, Man Ray and of course Pablo Picasso. The talented artists featured in our onine gallery use a wide variety of reclaimed materials to create breath-taking works of art.

Junk 3But beyond the pleasure of admiring beautiful artwork, we especially hope this simple initiative will help people reflect more on the impact our trash is having on the environment. Billions of tons of trash end up in our oceans every year and a shocking number of marine species are threatened with extinction because of our inability to deal with our waste.

Art Gallery