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JunkJunk2Our Story

NDI Gallery was created to showcase the very finest examples of upcycled or recycled art from around the world. Our accomplished artists are carefully chosen based on the creativity, originality and complementarity of their compositions. They use a variety of reclaimed materials to create simply breath-taking artwork.

Upcycling is mainly about transforming discarded or otherwise useless everyday objects into impactful artworks of value. Also known as Assemblage, Trash or Junk art, this specific art form
Junk3Junk4originated in the early Twentieth-Century under the influence of artists like Marcel Duchamp, Robery Rauschenberg, Man Ray and of course Pablo Picasso.

Today, the broader notion of upcycling encompasses everything from eco-friendly artwork to curious looking junk art. Few people however, are aware of just how amazingly creative upcycled art can be at its very best.

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