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Is it free to join your community?


Yes it's completely free. Simply register your details, upload your profile image and start sharing your photos, videos and upcoming events. If you have a Facebook account, you can also sign in using your Facebook details. Although the community is primarily geared towards upcycling artists and craftsmen, it's open to anyone with an interest in upcycled creations using all forms of repurposed or reclaimed materials.

The only little favour we ask you is to help us get the word out about the site if you like what you see. Unlike the big sites, we don't have any money for paid advertising and promotions so rely heavily on word of mouth. So if you can blog or tweet about us, like us on facebook, tell your friends about how cool the site is... anything like that is greatly appreciated and will help all our upcyclers receive more exposure.



What are the benefits?


NDI Gallery has been a reference website for some of the finest recycled artists and their artworks for over 5 years.

If you register with us, you'll easily be able to share photos and videos of your work, connect with other artists, gallery owners, craftsmen and fans of upcycling. You can also create your own community interest groups and post your upcoming events like exhibitions. We've put alot of work and thought into coming up with useful social networking tools and features so make sure you register if you wish to check them all out.

Our Interactive Community Map is a particularly cool feature which allows you to see at a glance other community members and their events, either locally or globally. We also hope to create a visual directory of relevant artshows, craft fairs and markets where Upcyclers can be found. All our community members also have access to our forums from their profile pages. This is a great way to interact more widely with the community and ask questions, get advice, discover tips etc... You can also contact our team if there's anything you feel we can help you with.

Best of all, using our community is FREE. All we ask is that each member respects this space and plays a positive, active role in the community.
The more everyone contributes, the more we'll all get out of this initiative.


What's so different about your community?

The main difference with other larger, better known social communities like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin... is that we are devoted exclusively to one topic - Upcycling. If you want to share things like what you did last night, latest globally trending topics or what your ex work colleague is now up to, the other networks are clearly more suitable than us. We live and breath upcycling. Our website and community features were designed specifically around this specialty subject with the goal to be as useful as possible for our upcyclers. You may well be surprised by how easy and intuitive our community is to use. We've had some really positive feedback already from our artists and are confident that our visitors will love using the various features.

That said, we do see our community as complementary to whichever others you use in your life. That's why we've built in the ability to use facebook connect to conveniently sign into our website.


Why do I need a profile image?


Once you register, the first thing you'll be asked to do is upload a community profile image. This can be a square shaped photo of yourself, your artwork or any type of creative symbolism like a logo. This site was designed for artistic souls so feel free to express your creativity . We require this as we believe there's nothing worse than seeing rows of faceless default profile images on our members listing page.

We want our registered members to be really interested in upcycling so they directly benefit from the cool social networking & showcasing tools we provide for free. If you're just here to quickly check out the website and move on, it's really not worth registering. As a guest, you can still access much of our content through our powerful search tools, menus and blog.


Can I use Facebook to log in?


Yes. If you have a Facebook account like billions now do, you can use it to quickly and easily log in to our community.
This saves you having to register with us. Rest assured that Facebook details such as your status updates, friends, photos etc will not be shared with us or our community.


What's the social stream?


The social stream is the core of our community and one of our favorite features. Most member activities and events will progressively flash up on your stream throughout the day. You can filter these to view all activities by the site members or just your friends. Most items are also highly interactive allowing you to "like" or leave a comment about the content. Notifications can be sent automatically to the original poster of everyone who likes or leaves a comment. This is a great way for our upcyclers to get some quick community feedback on their latest creations or plans.

The social stream also works within your special interest groups and events.



Sharing Images and Videos?


It's really easy to upload, tag, add descriptions and delete your photos and videos. You can also post a video link from websites like You Tube. You can determine your privacy settings for everything you upload in the privacy settings of your account.

All we ask of our members is to try and keep to our core Upcycling theme with everything you upload. The community is primarily a place for our members to share things like their artwork, work in progress, "making of" tutorials, exhibition photos etc... not what they ate for lunch or the fascinating places they visited last night with the "Happy Guzzlers Pub Crawl Team". Other networks specialise more in that type of content.

If you have any issues uploading or viewing your photo or video, please let us know by raising a support ticket and we'll sort it out ASAP.


Sharing your events?


Some of the best features of social networks at least for artists are the event management tools. We've a powerful events system built into our community. We've made it really easy to post an upcoming Upcycling event like an exhibition, a show, a craft fair, a training workshop or even a simple meet up...etc.

What's particularly useful is that once you've indicated the location anywhere in the world, the event will show up on a Google map (on events page) and also on our Interactive Community Map. You can zoom in and out to see all the other local events around you. You can even send out invitations and control attendance.

If you come across an upcycling event you think our users may be interested in but you dont want to post it yourself for some reason. Just send a message with the relevant details to Betty, our resident events specialist who will be happy to post it to the community.


Networking and Friending?


Like many communities, our members have the opportunity to invite others to be "friends". It's a great way to meet other like-minded souls who may share the same passion for upcycling. Although most members embrace this aspect of networking, not everyone who signs up has the time or desire to accept invitations. There are many active and passive ways to enjoy our community and other website areas. It was designed to be flexible so we simply ask all our users to be respectful of others and the way they wish to use the site. By all means, send someone a friend request or an invitation but don't be disappointed if they don't accept it or answer for whatever reason.

One thing we do insist on is that our members refrain from promoting or hard selling their artwork, products or services to other members. Anyone reported to be sending promotional messages, posting backlinks or spammy comments on the social streams will immediately have their account terminated and IP blocked. In this respect, our "no tolerance" policy may be a tad stricter than some of the other social networks but we wish to ensure the community stays a safe, quality environment for our members.



Creating special interest groups?


Another very powerful feature our community offers is the ability to create special interest groups so you can interact at a more personal level with community members. A good example of this could be a group for local upcyclers in say Devon. Or a group for artists who specialise in creating caricatures out of old repurposed fish heads (OK...maybe that example's a bit too weird!). Each group has its own discussion board, photos, videos and event sections. Set the group as 'public' if you want to attract the crowds. Or make it 'private'. Private groups require invitation before members can join, view and share content.


Using the Private Messaging System?


You can send a private message to any member through our community. Most of our featured gallery artists and marketplace sellers will generally respond as our messaging system is the only way to contact them. There is no guarantee that you will always get a response even if the member is showing up as being online. If ever there is someone you no longer wish to hear from, you also have the option to block their private messages and/or reporting them to our site admin.


What about my privacy and personal data?


Privacy and customer data usage has become a key concern with social networks. We take your privacy and member data very seriously.

We've built into our community many privacy options for pretty much all aspects of your data.
You can choose from 4 different privacy settings (general public, site members, your friends or just yourself) for your profile, friends, photos, videos, groups and events. These settings can be found in Profile/Privacy settings menu of your member dashboard. By defaults, all settings are PUBLIC.

You also have a large number of notifications (either on site or via email) at your disposal. You can easily set up notifications for things like friend requests, invitations, comments, group discussions etc and configure them however you wish.

Finally, we now run the entire website in securely encrypted SSL mode. Look for the authenticated padlock in your browser and our site authentification certificate.


Managing Spam?


One of the challenges of having a popular community driven website is it becomes a target for spammers and other undesirables trying to hawk dodgy products, services or add backlinks. We certainly get our fair share of spam and have engaged a number of powerful spam filtering experts like Aksimet to help manage this for us. Our users also help us by managing any unwelcome comments by using the reporting buttons throughout the community and forum areas. We have a strict no tolerance policy on spam. Anyone who infringes our terms of service and intentionally attempts to blatently spam us or our users will have their IP address permanently banned.

We also have special systems in place to prevent any spambots registering false details on our systems and masquerading as real users. No system is absolutely perfect but you can be reassured that this website was built around the latest spam detection technologies and is updated regularly.


How can I delete my account?


You can delete your account with us at any time. Simply send us a support ticket requesting this.
We can offer you the option of either temporarily disabling the account if ever you would wish to reactivate it in the future.
Or it can be completely deleted and all your information removed from our servers. Just let us know which you prefer.