asian-man-print asian-man-print-framed-india-paper asian-man-detail-400-grs-recycled-cotton-moulin-darches-paper asian-man-detail-600-grs-india-paper_434451282 printed-on-400-grs-recycled-handmade-arches-paper--029 printed-on-600-grs-handmade-india-paper-025kopie

Asian man

Eggcubism print.

In his limited edition c-prints Enno de Kroon combines state of the art printing technology with the ancient 'recycling art' of handmade paper production out of old cotton clothing. Exploring the ultimate possibilities of modern day printing Enno de Kroon creates fascinating artworks, that -because of the rough surface of 100% recycled handmade papers- slightly differ one by one.   

This Asian male portrait originates from an angled photo of one of his eggbox artworks.

This 60 x 80 cm print comes in 2 limited editions of 20:

- Rough:         on 400 grs handmade (100% recycled cotton) Moulin d'Arches aquarel paper.

- Very rough:  on 600 grs handmade (100% recycled cotton) India paper.